December 31st, 2037

Blue Shirt


Howdy, folks. As of Jan. 2012, I've stopped posting regularly here at LiveJournal (although my Tweets continued cross-posting until March 2018).

I'm not deleting this account, but rather keeping it as an archive and reminder of all the many years of awesomeness that LiveJournal provided in my life. Starting here in 2003, I discovered a likeminded community of nerds, weirdos, geeks, gays and bears -- many of whom I am still great friends with to this day in real life.

LiveJournal wasn't my first online community -- I'd been chatting for years before that on AOL, IRC and BBSes -- but it was the first one that felt innately collaborative and very much "real-time" with the events of my life. Other services have overtaken -- and accelerated -- the usefulness and sense of community I originally found here, but they haven't quite replaced it. I'll miss it terribly, but forge onward.

You can reach me at the following interwebs: