Dave (e_ticket) wrote,


On Friday, I got to be a rockstar... for about an hour.

My extremely talented friend Cynthia Ignacio is writing a musical called Rock God Opera, an homage to the famous Greek legend of Orpheus. She's updated the ancient myth to modern times, envisioning the Underworld to be populated by dead rock stars. One of the most famous is, of course, Elvis.

In Dante's "Inferno," Hell is divided into several rings, one of which is the Hell of the Gluttons. In the world of Rock God Opera, Elvis is the leader of the Gluttons, who are cannibals that feed on failed rock stars. The song he sings to Orpheus (aboard a doomed tour bus to the Underworld, in lieu of a riverboat) is darkly satirical, sort of a cross between Elvis, Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas, and Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors.

I was very honored that she asked me to sing the demo track for this song, which you can listen to by clicking here. The music is by the awesome Timo Chen, with lyrics by Cynthia.

Be sure to check out Cynthia's "Rock God Opera" Blog, which chronicles her ongoing journey to get the show produced, as well as some more really incredible concept art for all of the characters. Don't miss Cynthia's online portfolio, either -- she's done some really amazing work over the years in theme parks (most notably Men In Black: Alien Attack with me) and animation (like The Lion King, Teen Titans & Jackie Chan Adventures).
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